WORX WG650 13 Amp 18″ Electric Snow Blower Review

Worx WG650 18-Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Blower Review by Merrill Shadwell

t’s rare to find high power and low weight combined in a snow blower. It’s even more rare in an electric model. That makes the Worx WG650 doubly rare.

Design and Performance

Anyone looking for a snow blower is always happy to find a machine that is surprisingly better than expected. The WG650 goes beyond that to the level of “startling”. That begins with a 13 amp motor.

Its stellar ability to clear a lot of snow quickly begins with an 18″ wide mouth. It’s not the widest available – some electric models offer as much as 20″ – but it’s very respectable and very welcome.

You’ll clear a path on the sidewalk in one pass. The average driveway will take only four passes – two up and two down – and you’re done. You won’t have to fear going over the same spot twice either. The Worx WG650 auger (the rotating piece that moves snow into the chute) clears a layer up to nine inches deep.

If the snow regularly piles up deeper than that in your area before within 24 hours you’ll probably want to consider a large gas-model snow blower. For most users, this depth will make it simple to scoop a thick layer once and be done.

Nor will you have to plow a strip twice because of piled up snow you cleared off during a prior pass. The WG650 flings the snow a full 30 feet. Granted that’s under ideal conditions – dry snow that hasn’t been packed down. But that’s a full 10 feet farther than competing models, measured under the same conditions.

Cooperating with that superb throw is a chute that swivels a full 180 degrees. The control is mounted on the handlebar; all you have to do is give it a shove and you can place the chute at any angle. Like the long throw, that helps prevent putting snow someplace you will have to go over later.

The WG650 can do that without damaging your deck or other fragile structures around the house. The metal blades of the auger are all rubber clad.

That’s something to get excited about.

Exciting Ergonomics

It’s equally easy to get excited about the ergonomic features of the Worx WG650. It’s easy to assemble, easy to use, and easy to move. We’ll take them in reverse order.

You’ll spend your energy pushing snow rather than the blower, thanks to its astoundingly low weight. Its low weight/high power combo means you can turn more easily, pull back from a resistant berm more easily, and in general get more done with less strain on your back.

Back strain is also reduced by the ability to adjust the handle system. It easily moves to any of three positions to let you put it wherever is best for you. A 5’2″ girl will have no more reason to struggle with this blower than a 6’2″ man. All either one has to do is use the quick clamps to set it, no tools required.

Equally nice is what you can do with the handle when you’re done using the unit. It folds for easy storage. That’s especially nice for off-season, long-term storage. And, since it’s an electric model, you don’t have to worry about unused gasoline gumming up the engine over the following six months.

One of the Best Features of WORX WG650 : The Wheels!

But one of the best features of this model comes from one of the most surprising areas: the wheels. Most snow blower wheels are a disappointment, the one weak spot in what is usually otherwise a very fine model.

Here, rather than spoked, never-flat, 8-inch wheels – adequate, but occasionally too small and too open, which causes them to bog down when you back up – the WG650 incorporates a type that can barely be called a wheel at all.

They’re round, for sure; but they’re closed and connected by a long plastic bar to the upper portion of the plastic body housing the auger. The net result is a pair of ‘wheels’ that will never slow you down whether you’re backing up, twisting, or plowing through a foot of snow.

The WG650 does have a second set of wheels and they are both quite small (about 5 inches) and open spoked. Yet, because of the design of the larger set they present no problem. They’re mostly so you can tilt the unit back a little and roll forward or backward.

That lets you move the blower ahead or back on a cleared sidewalk with greater ease, as well as helping preserve the plastic scoop from possible damage. Also nice is how they are tucked away under the auger housing so they take up no extra room when the unit is stored.

Rolling is made even easier by an oversized handle bar of the sort you wish you had on your lawnmower. Gripping this wide bar at the inside corners also makes turning much less of a strain than most models, even in deep snow.


Worx is known for making a fine set of lawn and garden tools. They’ve enhanced that already good reputation by producing a very impressive snow blower.

The Worx WG650 offers power at the top of the electric snow blower category in a housing that’s strong, mobile, and easy to adjust.

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