What is a Two-Stage Snowblower?

We will soon enter the snow season when snow will gather all over driveways and pathways. With snow, there also comes the job of removing it. If you live in an area where you receive heavy snowfall, then getting rid of snow can prove back-breaking hard work.

We all must select our snow removal tool to get work done. It does not matter whether it is a snowblower or snow thrower. Usually, most people prefer to buy snow blowers and have many questions like “what is a two-stage snowblower?” or “how many types of two-stage snow blowers are there?” if you have these questions, You will get all your answers right now.

What is a Two-Stage Snowblower

What is a Two-Stage Snowblower?

If you have used a single-stage snow blower in the past or it is your first time choosing a snowblower, the first thing you should know about a two-stage snowblower is that it is a big step up from a single-stage snowblower. It is far more efficient in removing the snow and has excellent accessories options like electric start and power start.

What Makes Two-Stage Snow Blowers Different?

Two-stage snow blowers have a self-propelled transmission with a forward and backward motion to help users maneuver the blower. Plus, it collects snow in two stages. In the first, the auger collects the snow and sends it to the machine, and in the second stage the impeller takes snow from the device and throws it out through the chute.

With a high-power motor and the combined working of an auger and impeller, the two-stage snowblower removes the snow faster.

Furthermore, the most important feature of a two-stage blower is that it can work on any surface. Suppose you have a driveway that is covered in gravel, then a two-stage snowblower is the best option for you because it does not clean to the ground. Hence gravel does not enter its auger.

Type Of Two Stage Snowblower

There are mainly three types of two-stage snow blowers. Described below:

Entry Level two-stage blower:

Buying an entry-level two-stage snowblower is the best option for clearing deep snow. It can tackle a mountain of snow with only basic components. It performs more effectively on the ground than electric and single-stage snowblowers.

Additionally, it has features like the following:

· Halogen Headlight:

It will come in handy when clearing snow during the night or early morning. Headlights are usually directly attached to the operator control. You can find most entry-level snowblowers with the headlight feature.

· Remote Deflector Control:

With this feature, you do not have to walk around the snowblower to adjust the deflector on the chut. You can control it by the operator and move it on an angle up and down.

· Style of Chute:

Entry-level snow blowers come with two methods for the aiming chute, a crank and a lever. With the crank, you can turn a handle to control the discharge from the chute. At the same time, the lever does the same thing but gives you more control over release.

· Interlocking Control:

As its name suggests, it locks one of the handles so you can free your one handle to control chute and deflector speed.

Mid-Grade Two-Stage snowblower:

Mid-grade snow blowers are bigger and stronger than entry-level two-stage snow blowers. It has a powerful motor that can throw snow far greater than their previous counterpart. It comes with extra-strength aluminum gear cases and a steel chute.

The most notable feature of a mid-grade two-stage snowblower is the following:

· Power Steering:

With this feature, your handgrip will become warm to protect your finger in freezing temperatures. However, it is a simple feature but has great practical uses. Almost all mid-grade blowers have this feature.

· Power Steering:

With this system, you can easily maneuver the mid-grade snow blowers, which are heavier and bulky. It removes the hassle of using strength to change its direction. It achieves that by stopping one or two tires which makes turning the blower easy.

· Track Drive:

This feature is not usually available on all mid-size blowers because it is made for griping the surface, so there is no chance of slipping. It is ideal for hilly regions or rough ground. Also, It eliminates the possibility of a frozen chain.

Professional Two stage Snowblower:

Professional two-stage snow blowers come with premium quality built-like heavy-duty cast iron gear cases and solid steel frames. In terms of performance, no one can beat it. Its powerful motor will clear snow in just one time.

Although it is not easily available in the store and comes with high prices, it covers it up with its performance, and not even another two-stage blower can compete with it in terms of reliability.

It has unique features like:

· Key Star or electric start:

In Electric start, you need to push the button to start your professional snowblower, while in Key start, you will need to insert a key to start the blower. Either option is easy and much better than a recoil pull start.

· Style of Chute:

The Professional two-stage snowblower mainly comes in two chute styles, a Quick stick system and an Ariens Quick turn system. The earlier one lets you change chute direction and deflection by integrated control while later allowing the chute to rotate 200 degrees to throw snow by operating control.

· Track Drive Snowblower

Track drive snowblower has a wheel-like tank, which remains in constant contact with the ground resulting in maximum propulsion. It is specially designed for the steep surface for better grip and is available in a two-three stage snow blower.


While deciding on a snowblower, you must focus on what feature you want. Although a two-stage snowblower comes equipped with various features, it is necessary to consider whether you will use them in the future.

If you find these features unnecessary, opting for a single-stage or electric blower is better. If you find a feature lacking in a two-stage bowler, you can try three-stage snow blowers.

There is all the shape and size of a snowblower. You need to choose what is right for you. Hopefully, this explanation has helped you understand the Two-stage blower more clearly.

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