What is a Single Stage Blower?

Suppose you are suffering from back and shoulder pain from using a snow shovel and are thinking of buying a snowblower this winter. Then you must have seen all the types of snowblowers in the market, like single-stage, double-stage, three-stage, and electric snowblowers.

If you have no prior snowblower experience, you must be confused and wondering what a single-stage snowblower is. Why are there different types? Which one will suit me?

To identify your ideal blower, you need to place your requirement in line. A single-stage blower might be your perfect match if you want something that can clear moderate or light snow from pathways or sidewalks.

What is a Single Stage Blower

What is a single-stage snow blower?

A single-stage blower’s main components are the auger and chute. The auger collects the snow and directly throws it away from the chute. In it, the auger is covered with rubber because it makes direct contact with the ground. Also, because of this, they are only suitable to use on paved pathways.

Single-stage snowblowers are popular because their compact size and easier-to-use control make them a great choice for clearing snow of fewer than 8 inches. Unlike a two-stage blower, the best part of a single-stage snowblower is that it removes snow from the entire surface area.

What is a Good Corded or Cordless Snowblower?

The answer will depend upon what you may prefer, portability or capability. It does not mean electric-powered snowblowers are not performing. It is just the opposite. With improving technology in lithium-ion batteries, they are not like what they used to be.

However, deciding based on the amount of maintenance required, electricity access, and portability you desire is important.

Getting sufficient cord length can be costly and annoying if you have long driveways. Therefore, it is better to use a cordless snowblower that works on gas or electricity.

With an electric-powered snowblower, you get the added benefit of an interchangeable battery that you can use in other appliances.

While electric snowblower has its quality, it has some drawbacks also. When used repeatedly on pathways, it has a risk of batteries may get sleep or dead. It also does not have a powerful motor, so you might need to make two to three passes to clear snow.

So, if you want power and capability, using gas operated single-stage blower will be best if you are ready to provide some small maintenance.

Type of Single stage Snowblower

Entry Level single-stage snowblower:

Everyone does not require a heavy-duty snowblower. If you live where you receive occasional snowfall or have a smaller driveway, then an entry-level single-stage snow blower is the finest choice.

Because of its lighter engine and basic component, it is a cost-effective snowblower. Although it has less price, there are some features you need to select before making a purchase.

· Electric Start or Recoil Start:

A recoil start is cheaper because it needs you to do some manual work. In comparison, electric start requires pushing the button to start the blower, making it a better choice if you are not thinking of exercising with your snowblower.

· Rotation option in chute:

In an entry-level single-stage blower, you must do most work manually, including the rotation of your snowblower chute.

· 2-Cycle and 4-cycle Snowblower:

In a Two-Cycle snowblower, you must mix some parts of oil and gas to add the mixture to the gas tank. While in a 4-cycle snowblower, you simply add gas to the gas tank and oil into the engine, making the process less messy than the previous one.

Mid-Grade Single-Stage Snow Blower:

Suppose you do not like doing everything manually, like changing the chute direction and hassling with a pile of snow. Then it would be best if you upgraded to a mid-grade single-stage snowblower because it makes the process easier than an entry-level blower. It will also clear the snow at a much faster rate.

The mid-grade blower comes with a powerful engine and chute lever, making it a little costly but combining all its features, it covers its cost.

The feature of a Mid-grade snowblower are:

· Chute Rotation Option:

On upgrading from an entry-level snowblower, you will find a convenient chute rotation option in mid-grade. It has a chute lever feature that lets you rotate the chute easily.

· 2-Cycle and 4-cycle:

A four-cycle snow blower does not require a mixture of gas and oil. You can directly pour the gas into the gas tank and oil into the engine. In contrast, for a two-cycle snowblower, you must repeat the same old process of mixing oil and gas, which is not even required in your lawnmower.

Professional grade Single Stage Snowblower:

As its name suggests, it is used by professionals to clear the sidewalk quickly. It comes in a lightweight but durable frame which lets it handle rough treatment. It contains a standard feature extended-life paddle that enables it to take thicker and tough-to-handle snow.

Its heavy-duty drive makes it capable of clearing a large area in a record time.

Difference between Single stage and Two-stage Snow Blowers:

The main difference between single-stage and two-stage snow blowers lies in their work and purpose.

Single-stage snow blowers are made up for light work. It has a simple auger in paddle style, which collects the snow and throws it out of the chute. It comes in a lightweight design that is easy to maneuver in snow, which makes it ideal for clearing snow up to 8 inches.

Two-stage snow blowers are made for heavy-duty work. It is ideal for you if you live in a place with heavy snowfall. It is clear snow working in two stages, as its names suggest.

First, the auger, with the help of a strong blade attached to it, can chew thick, tough snow and send it to an impeller whose job is to launch snow out of the chute at a large distance which a single-stage blower cannot achieve.


Hopefully, this article has made you very good at answering the “what is a single-stage snow blower?” and when buying it is the right choice. At last, it is important to mention that although single-stages come at different prices, you should choose a snowblower with a little extra feature because you may not know when it will come in handy.

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