Poulan Pro PR624ES

Poulan Pro PR624ES 24-Inch Gas Powered Two-Stage Snow Blower Review by Merrill Shadwell

If you need a snow blower with high power and a large, quick-clearing auger you might think you have to give up ease of use. Think again. The Poulan Pro PR624ES might be the only model to combine these at a surprisingly affordable price.

Design and Performance, Beef Personified

The huge power of the Poulan PR624ES starts right at its center with a 208cc OHV (overhead valve) engine. Poulan doesn’t provide a horsepower rating but you hardly need to care. The proof is provided by actually using this model. When you do you’ll see it simply has no peer.

Once you start the engine, something ultra easy to do thanks to the electric start feature, be prepared for some action. It’s not that the PR624ES is hard to move, quite the opposite. The ultra-powerful engine and 2-Stage snow throwing system ensures you don’t have to do the hard work, the thrower does. It’s just good to be prepared to slice through thick snow berms like the proverbial hot knife through butter.

2-Stage Snow Throwing System

I already mentioned a “2-Stage snow throwing system”. Here’s a good place to explain that.

In all electric snow blowers and many gas-powered models the auger (the blades that rotate) scrape and shovel snow into the large scoop. That snow then shoots up through the chute and spews out the top wherever you point it. That’s a 1-Stage system.

By contrast, a 2-Stage system performs that first step – scraping and shoveling into the scoop – but the snow then gets an extra boost. A spinning fan called an impeller moves it at high-speed up through the chute. That helps prevent clogging and also allows the thrower to toss the snow higher and farther.

Only high-end snow blowers offer a 2-Stage system and the one in the PR624ES is first rate. The high-speed, 12-inch impeller keeps things moving no matter how fast you plow through a layer of snow. It tosses wet snow a full 30 feet, something other models can do only with light, dry, fluffy snow.

Ice and Hard-Packed Snow: No Challenge!

The auger itself is an amazing thing to behold in action. The serrated edge design ensures that ice and hard-packed snow is no challenge at all for this blower. You’ll definitely want to keep this baby away from any corners on your deck. It will have no mercy on wood.

There is, however, a slow-speed setting for those times you want to move cautiously through ultra-thick, ultra-deep snow. That sort of snow can hold all sorts of surprises: embedded rocks, tree stumps, ice slabs, and more.

Cutting through a 2-foot high drift is no particular challenge with this model. That’s a great feature for those times when you can’t get around to clearing the driveway right away. Normal levels of snow – 6 to 12 inches – peel off really fast. You can clear 300 feet of sidewalk and a 2-car driveway in less than two hours with this model.

3 Separate Forward Gears

To do that the unit provides three separate forward gears. The first two are best for moving through thick or medium layers, respectively. The high-speed is ideal for sidewalks and for moving the blower back to the garage for storage when you’re done.

Whether moving through thick snow or thin, you’ll plow a deep, wide swath through it, too. The PR624ES’s 24-inch wide, 12-inch diameter auger and 23-inch high intake ensure that. You can clear a walkable path on the sidewalk in a single pass, even after an historically heavy 24-hour snowfall.

Fortunately, since this model houses deep-tread, 13″ x 5″ tires, you won’t get bogged down while doing it. Of course, at a truly beefy 240 lbs, it’s great that you can put the Poulan PR624ES in forward or reverse to let the blower do all the work. Moving backward is as easy as moving forward, a rare treat with a snow blower.

Ergonomics, Also Pro-Level

That’s right – despite the large weight, enormous scoop, and uber-powerful motor, this snow thrower is not that hard to handle. That extends well beyond the forward-reverse control that makes moving in either direction a breeze. The PR624ES incorporates a number of ease-of-use features.

The skid plate is adjustable so you can change the height of the scraper bar. If you have an uneven patch of yard, want to protect your gardens, avoid scooping gravel – or just want to leave a layer of snow down for any reason – that’s no problem.

That helps prevent accidentally scooping up dirt into the snow, and keeps those shallow, wintering bulbs intact. It’s also much safer. You haven’t lived on the edge until you’ve flung some driveway gravel at high speed into the front bay window of a country home.

There’s more ergonomic goodness on tap here.

There are comfortable hand grips. Right between them there’s an easy-to-read control panel to maintain command over the auger, throttle, chute, and deflector. Adjust the deflector angle, auger speed, and more without stooping. There’s even a security key to prevent any unauthorized starting of your snow blower.

Assembly, Easier Than Most

A big gas-powered snow blower can be a challenge to put together. Poulan has made it as easy as possible with this model. They ensured everything would be intact by crating the thrower well and tying it securely inside the crate.

The crate comes on a wooden skip to make assembly easier. The engine comes pre-filled with oil. Putting on the handlebar requires securing four wing bolts using the supplied wrench. You hardly even need to follow the supplied handbook.


The Poulan Pro PR624ES snow thrower isn’t the largest model the company makes. There’s also a 27″ and even a 30″ version. But if you need something bigger you probably aren’t looking for a machine to clear your own property. Yet, for all its size and power it’s surprisingly easy to navigate.

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