How Much Does Snow Blower Weigh?

A snow blower is an integral part of the winter; you cannot imagine enjoying winters without a snow blower. The snowblower comforts you with the clear pathway and blows out the excessive snow in front of the yard. You can make a snowman out of it too! 

Snowblower is the need in the winter, but you can stroll for miles and knock the layers of snow off. Which surely hinders your car in the parking. But what if the snowblower itself becomes a problem?  Often, the weight of tools turns your chore into a headache. In this article, we will look at the importance of snow blowers and why it is important. 

How Much Does Snow Blower Weigh?

Weight of the snow blower

You all must have suffered from the importance of tools for once in your life. While making a machine, the manufacturer gives special attention to the weight and size of the machine; weight and size are determining factors for marketers to bring about a successful product to the market. 

On a broad basis, the weight of the snow blower varies and differs with the respective company. Companies use different kinds of materials to configure to make their snow blower stand out. And which makes it easier for the customer to identify their product from so many. 

According to the manufacturer, a medium size snow blower weighs up to 80 to 100 pounds. This feature makes it easily mobile if the weight exceeds the acceptable weight limit, and manufacturers assure mobility with tires and wheels.  

Those shopping for a snow blower for the first time must take this note: the heavier the snow blower, the better. Experts say a snowblower with a heavyweight doesn’t make a lasting impact on wiping snow out of the way. The reason is simple light-weighted snow blowers do not possess much power. 

Snow blowers are divided into categories that sense distinct classes of purposes. If you are looking for a domestic snow blower to clear out the walk-a-way, you need a 28 to 40 pounds heavy snow blower with good fuel stability and engine. 

On the other hand, to entertain the industrial purpose, you will need a gigantic snow blower with a weight of 280 to 400 pounds because we already had discussed heavier snow blowers are preferred over lightweights. The advantage of heavy snow blowers are as follows 

  • Increased Durability 
  • Fewer changes in drift
  • Robust engine 
  • Takes time but ensures the perfection 
  • Does not need to store inside the house 
  • Sweep more snow out of the way 
  • Long-lasting and long life
  • Allows gravel driveway 

Why are Heavy-weighted snow blowers always the first choice?

There are multiple reasons why lightweight snow blowers are not the first choice of customers. And the reason is obvious. The heavy snow blower has much more capacity to swipe out the snow. 

But exceptions are always there if you are using and are looking forward to having a light-weighted snow blower shot on the snow blower, which has a high-priced engine with a longer output and amazing fuel capacity. 

What kind of Snow Blower do you need

There are so many kinds of stages of snow blower you can choose from; largely, snow blowers are classified under three stages

Single Stage Snow Blowers

The single stage is the primary degree snow blower which will only help you with light and weightless snowfall. Single-stage snow blowers are a good fit for handling mid-wet snow up to 12 inches of layers. Besides the performance, a single-stage snow blower can last for years and even more than five years only If you take proper care of the snow blower. 

So, ultimately single, a stage snowblower is one for those ready to snuff off the wet snow before it gets hardened. Another reason to choose a single-stage snow blower is that it is compact and easy to store in small houses and aims to clear snow out from the yard. 

Two-stage Snow Blowers

Two-stage snow blowers are great for showing blowers for all kinds of snow, whether hefty or wet. By having a two-stage snow blower on your side, you can wipe out all unnecessary snow from the yard. You can even use a two-stage snow blower in the gravel driveway, which is impossible with single-stage snow blowers. 

 A good two-stage snow blower can clear up to 2 feet of layers of snow, even the hardened ones. With this two-stage capacity, a snowblower needs a heavy engine that makes them up to 200 to 300 pounds. 

Three-stage Snow Blowers

The three-stage snow blower will make a lasting impact with its gigantic enactment; three-stage snow blowers are for places where snow can pile up to 18 inches or even more. So, for those living in a chilly region, the three-stage snow blower is the one for you. 

The accumulated weight of the snow blower in the third stage is about 200 to 350 pounds, which makes its execution quite similar to the second-stage performance.

Electric Snow Blowers and their weight

The great emission of fuel and corruption in the air provokes the idea of going for an electric snow blower. An electric snow blower is a very good choice if you have a good supply of electricity. 

Electric snowblower weighs up to 30 to 65 pounds with the cordless models. Contrary to gas-based snow blowers, it does not crown with the title of the world’s heaviest snow blower, with 100 to 300 pounds. 

Weight of the show blowers in a nutshell

If you want a robust snow blower, you should go for the third-stage snow blower. It might be slightly heavy to work with, but it will ensure the best execution. Go for the third stage only if you are dealing with huge snowfall. Otherwise, a second-stage snow blower will help you throughout the job. 

Coming to the single-stage blower is for those who seek a little relief while working with snow blowers. Compared to second or third-stage, single-stage snow blowers will relish you with much solace in carrying but wiping out the snow will not be as impactful as you expect. 

And last but not least, electric snow blowers are very good and environment-friendly and serve all the purposes in the row. While keeping the groove of the enormous performance, electric snow blowers also fit in the budget, reduce carbon emission and increase durability. 


This is all for the segment of the articles on how much snow can weigh, just for you to know all snow blowers are not meant to be of the same size and configuration. And there is not any ideal size for snow blowers. All you need to take care of is durability and workability. 

It is observed that heavy snow blowers possess more power and can perform better against light-weight snow blowers. You can select the one up to your prerequisite, Keeping in mind that lighter weight does not necessarily mean good output. When it comes to the machines, you can go for a heavy snow blower without any double thoughts.

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