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Greenworks 26032 20-Inch 12 Amp Electric Snow Blower Review by Merrill Shadwell

Can an electric snow blower supply the power needed to do the job in an area that regularly sees a lot of light to moderate snow falls of less than 4 to 6 inches? The Greenworks 26032 shows that the answer is a qualified “Yes!” If you’re price sensitive – and who isn’t these days? – that ‘qualified’ yes is very likely to turn into “definitely”.

Clearing width: 20 inches, Clearing Depth: 10 inches

No electric snow blower on the market can push as much snow as fast as a high-end gas model. They simply don’t have the power. Nor can they deliver the same kind of freedom of movement, since there is always a cord.

That said, the Greenworks 26032 delivers plenty of snow-removal. This model plows a wide swath, thanks to a 20″ scoop. That’s a full two inches better than many competing models. It does that while digging down a full 10 inches. You won’t have to make multiple passes over the same ground to clear the area (provided you don’t wait and let the snow pile up, of course).

Combine that with a throw that tosses the snow up to 20 feet away and you can clear an area thoroughly. The chute swivels a full 180 degrees so you can direct the snow wherever you need. You can ensure you aren’t filling up some place you just cleared, so there’s never a need to go over the same place again later. It does that without requiring you to be Hercules to move the chute. Yet, it’s firm enough to stay where you put it while snow shoots out the top.

Blade Protection and Good Elevation Engineering

It’s also helpful that there’s more here than just raw power. After all, next spring you would like your sidewalk, driveway, and lawn to be intact. This Greenworks unit solves that potential problem before it arises in two ways: blade protection and good elevation engineering.

The blades are super-sturdy and spin incredibly fast up to 2400 rpm. But they’re also rubber-lined, so they won’t damage your deck, your grass or other items they might come in contact with.

Those blades are also positioned extremely well. Like an experienced snow-plough truck operator, the 26032 can cut down as much as needed but avoid going deeper. The housing is finely crafted to get you down to ground level without going beneath it. That’s no mean feat considering the unevenness of both snow and the average yard, yet this model does it.

My one wishlist item here is a desire for larger tires. The 8-inch, never-go-flat ones onboard are adequate, but not impressive. Going forward is no problem, but you may find yourself working a little harder when you have to backup or turn sharply.

Ergonomic Design

The good design extends beyond the unit’s snow-blowing functions. The rubber-clad handles are adjustable to ensure you have a great grip. That’s truly important when you’re ploughing through a foot of snow on the ground. The height adjustment lets you place them just where you need whether you’re a 5’2″ girl or a 6’2″ man.

That design has several advantages. It minimizes back stress, always a concern when pushing one of these things around. It also lets you keep a solid grip on the thing as it moves forward, but without generating excess hand fatigue. It helps, too, that the 26032 weighs only 35 lbs.

The ergonomic design even extends to an intelligent cord placement. It has a built-in cord lock to keep you from accidentally running over the wire as you turn around for another pass. It also prevents it falling out all the time, a potential major annoyance with electric lawn tools of all types.

Naturally, you will need to use the right cord. For a 50-foot cord a 14-gauge will do. If you need to go out 100 feet, though, it’s not a good idea to simply plug one into another. You’ll want to move ‘up’ to a 12-gauge. Fortunately 100-foot 12-gauge cords, while not cheap, will last forever if properly handled.

Assembly, A Minor Challenge

There are some pieces to put together to assemble the Greenworks 26032. You don’t have to be a mechanical genius, but you will need a little bit of patience.

That’s not due to any inherent difficulty of the design or from poor instructions; anyone who can put together a TV stand can master this thing with ease. It’s just that Greenworks went to such lengths to ensure everything arrives intact.

There are screws through many parts that keep everything in place no matter what kind of treatment the package gets in transit. It takes a while to remove them all. Once that’s done, assembly is straightforward and requires less than 30 minutes.


The Greenworks 26032 snow blower offers, like all electrics, a push button start. That combines with great ergonomics, a wide swath, and high power to make this model a great winter tool in areas with a lot of light to moderate snow falls of less than 4 to 6 inches. It doesn’t hurt, either, that the price is absurdly low for such a good design.

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