Greenworks 26032 vs 26022

Ok, the title isn’t quite right. It really isn’t the Greenworks 26022 snow blower versus the Greenworks 26032. You can’t go wrong with either model. But there are differences that can matter more to one buyer than another.

Most Obvious Difference: 20-inch vs 16-inch Scoop

The first and most obvious difference is the size of the path the unit clears. The Greenworks 26022 has a 16-inch scoop and the 26032 a 20-inch. Do those four inches warrant the (current) $100 difference between the two models? Probably not, but there’s more at work here.

There’s a moderate weight difference. The Greenworks 26022 weighs a very modest 25.5 lbs; the 26032 tips the scales at a slightly heftier 35 lbs. Granted, neither is anywhere near the 265 lbs of a big Husqvarna gas-powered model, but that’s not what you would expect for an electric anyway. The point is, for anyone looking for a very light snow blower there is a tradeoff here between path-clearing width and ease of maneuverability.

Both of those aspects are influenced by another difference between these two models: depth. The 26032 can clear a layer of up to 10 inches deep; the 26022 can scoop only a six inch layer.

Discharge Distance: 20 feet vs 25 feet

After all, even the relatively low power 9-amp 26022 has plenty of oomph to remove fluffy, new fallen snow at a fast clip. The six inch wheels make it amply maneuverable in shallow snow. It can pump the soft stuff a full 25 feet away, so you never have to plow the same snow twice.

By contrast, the 12-amp 26032 houses a motor much more standard among electrics, one designed to move the tough stuff. The larger 8-inch wheels mean it can operate in deeper snow. Interestingly, it doesn’t toss snow as far – ‘only’ up to 20 feet. Both figures assume moderately dry snow. The counterintuitive difference is explained by the fact that the 26022 engine rotates much faster.


If you live in an area that regularly sees a half-dozen inches of snow overnight you’ll need a snow blower with a bigger augur and scoop system. Otherwise, the weather will always be ahead of you and the snow will continually build up higher and higher.

Of course, in that case, neither model may be best for you. You may even need one of the truly large gas-powered models that can clear a 12 inch or even 23 inch deep section in one pass. Yes, there are several good ones on the market at even that upper range. But there are many buyers (and many areas) where one or the other of the Greenworks units will tackle the problem just fine.

In the end, which model works best for you is a personal choice. Whether the Greenworks 26022 is the one for you or the Greenworks 26032 is better, both offer a decent degree of snow shoving speed and power at a moderate price.

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